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Update by user Mar 28

Melissa’s dates are off and she did NOT investigate the claim as she should have. Especially when not only did the plow driver see it happen but prior to the incident one of the shift supervisors had also witnessed it happen on another occasion that I received no response from the store Manager nor was a written complaint processed at that time!

If I wasn’t feed up this too would have been brushed under the run! Disgusting! All I can say is trading ppl you need to provide more training this is a huge liability as a owner these type errors fall back on the invested. Be more involved with your companies and how and who’s running what in them.

It appears in this location the employees are running your investment and you don’t have a problem with that as long as it’s done. But at who’s cost?!?! The consumers?!?! We’re like your investors!

Friendlys has been around since 1935 between then and now. Straight embarrassment of how Friendlys is run embarrassment!

Update by user Mar 27

Point 1 - the date of the when the e- mail was written is for March 1, 2018 how was the letter typed on the first 1st of March if the incident didn’t accuse till after that date?!?! Point 2 - she then wouldn’t have the estimates at the time of the notice because Melissa the future teller would have sent out the claim before it ever happened!

Who does that?!?! I know I have errors in this complaint can’t go back and correct those but this complaint and her legal documentation are two separate things. She should have done better then that! This tells me if shes this careless about her final review of the case then she really carelessed and NEVER PAYED ATTENTION TO THE CLAIM!

That goes to show you what their working with poor management and poorly trained insurers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In that area.

Update by user Mar 27

This is the BS e-mail she sends me- AGL Claims860-408-8311 Tel PO Box 5127860-731-6834 Fax Scranton, PA Melissa Jurado, SCLA Senior Claim Representative March 1, 2018 SMS Assist, LLC Via email – RE: Our Account:FIC Restaurants, Inc. Date/Time of incident: March 7, 2018 Claimant: Xxxxx xxxxx Our File Number: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Restaurant Location:240 Buckland St, Manchester, CT 06040 To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that we are the third party administrator handling claims for National Union Fire Insurance Company on behalf of FIC Restaurants, Inc.

We are in receipt of a claim for Candy Resto, who alleges she drove over a piece of damaged curbing that was in the middle of the parking lot causing damage to her vehicle. Our investigation has revealed that SMS Assist, LLC handles the snow and ice removal for the property listed above, per the agreement with FIC Restaurants, Inc. There had been a snow event on the date of loss. Photos were taken of the condition.

The damaged curbing was due to the plowing that had occurred. We are now formally placing you on notice of this claim. Please turn this letter over to your liability insurance carrier for further handling. If you did not have any insurance in force on the date of loss, please contact the undersigned.

Ms. Xxxxx sustained damages to her 2007 Infinity that we are currently awaiting an estimate of repairs from her at this time. The contact information for the claimant is as follows: Xxxxx xxxxx Xx xxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxxx Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions.

I can be reached at 860-408-8314 between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm, EST. Sincerely, Melissa Jurado, SCLA Senior Claim Representative

Original review posted by user Mar 27

I picking up my fiancé at his job at the Buckland Hills location in Manchester Ct. in the beginning of March.

We had a Northeastern storm the day before and there was still a little snow on the ground. There weren’t many cars in the lot maybe about 9 including employees. The company that is hired by Friendlys was plowing as I was leaving I thought I ran over a chunk of ice or something and then I heard a loud clunk so I stopped the car and we got out to see what it was. At the same time the company who plows the driveway for Friendlys also got out of his truck because he also noticed what had happened.

My fiancé had looked under the car to see what it was. He told me to get in the car and back up because it looked like it was just snow so I did. As I backed up we heard a scraping noise and clunk as if I went over a speed bump. However the object that was under my vehicle was a huge piece of their curb.

Now mind you... this driveway has been in need of repairs for a couple of yrs but they chose to patch things up instead of making it appropriate and safe. The store manager was notified for a 2nd time because this was NOT the first time this has happened and been ignored. And the plow owner told me during the incident that he notified the manager twice about this issue concerning the pavement and debris and never got a response.

When my fiancé spoke with his manger he was informed “ their probably not going to do anything about it!” Again pushed to the side. After several attempts of trying to find out if a report was processed by the stores manager and still no answer... I then called other surrounding Friendlys locations approximately 6 and ALL OF THEM WHERE CLUELESS ON HOW TO GET A HOLD OF THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE. You might find that hard to believe, I know I would but this is 100% true.

However I kept calling a branch in the Hartford Ct area the manager there was amazing she too stayed she didn’t really know how to contact corporate but that she would contact her General Manager and get a hold of Jef which is the General Manger over at the Manchester Ct branch. And that’s what she did!!!! So now a claim goes in and the insurance company contacts me via e-mail and I received maybe 2 phone calls but anyway. I explain the incident to Melissa their claims adjuster that works for their insurance company and she says send me the estimate you have along with any pictures...

this after some of the snow melted and they already cleaned up some of the cub laying around the lot so it didn’t look as bad as it really was but then she added we can process the claim and I’ll get back to you when I recive those items. I can go on for days lol but let me get to this Melissa’s way of handling a claim. NOT ONCE DID SHE VERBALLY CONTACT ME! EVEN AFTER I MADE MANY EFFORTS TO FIND OUT WHATVWAS GOING ON AFTER OUR LAST CONVERSATION AND I PERSONALLY CONTACTED HER.

But she felt her cowardly self would sit behind a computer to inform me that they felt that even though this is their property that it’s the plow company’s fault for my damages. “Note: this DID NOT DAMAGE SOMETHING MINOR IT WAS MY catilacconverter!!!! $1,200.00 in danmages and you don’t have the time to pick up the damn phone and you get paid to do your job?!?!?! Now your calling yourself the 3rd party Well now Mrs.Melissa and Friendlys have another thing coming!

I’m not no poor *** ducker driving money hungry fool looking for extra change. My *** on Flek not a damn dent in my *** full coverage from roof top to the tires that carry it! Mint condition. I notified my insurance company the day of just incase I had to handle business and I see Friendlys is with the BS so that’s what I have to do!

Y’all going to put the blame on the other company and you knew damn well that parking lot already been that way! Y’all just paid out a claim because an elder person parked up towards the front curb and when they backed up to leave it tore the bumper smdh, but I got pics I’m going to post this Melissa got the wrong one this claim!

I’m a Social Worker and I have delt with all types of ppl I have never seen a company deal with an issue so unprofessional with no compassion for the Comsumer at ALL! But then again it is insurance and their out to bite any hand if that means they can get away with responsibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Friendlys Parking Lot Facility.

Reason of review: Poor handling of claims.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Because the company did not have a proper solution my solution will to be to let my insurance company go after them do the damages! .

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 27.
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God summed it up in 10 sentences. Your post is more like "War and Peace" ; I can't possibly read 1/4 of that without glazing over. It's boring and I don't care anyways.

to Can #1489167

I see how it could confuse someone not as educated and couldn’t understand enough of it to comprehend what was going on.... you might want to look into going back to school for at least high school equivalency and it had to peek your interest some how you stated you read at lest some and commented invalint.

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