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I was at Friendly"s on Monroe Ave.My server was Ann and she had waited on us on that day.

She had waited on my family many times in the past. She is a beautiful woman and a very good server.

Well on this day a man was shouting and screaming at her to get off my clock.I seen this man plently of times and for a small man ,HE CAN YELL VERY LOUD AND VERBRAL ABUSE TO MANY EMPLOYER AT THIS LOCATION.i feels very sorry for my server after that.Whoever that man was he needs to resecpt the server and manager at this location.

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You don't know all of the details about why this happened and it really isn't any of your business.I would assume the man was a manager.

Maybe he shouldn't have been yelling, but you just don't know what Ann had done to deserve it.Also there is a possibility that he doesn't realize how loud his voice is.

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